Shades of Red

Chapels on Whatley

We ventured out to for a wander around Maylands, there are a lot of new shops and restaurants in the area so a stroll was needed to check them out.

Chapels on Whatley
Chapels on Whatley

The area is undergoing a transformation and becoming quite interesting with a mix of businesses, both old and new.  After wandering around we decided to try Chapels on Whatley for a late lunch.  Being Mothers Day they were flatour, but after a few moments they did find us a table.  The decor is inspired by Asia, mainly a Singaporean feel.  The artefacts around the room are bright and colourful, many for sale as well.

The menu is a mix of Western and Eurasian cuisine, if you can’t find something here to try then you just aren’t looking hard enough.  The wine list is quite good with many by the glass, they also have a fine range of local and imported beers and cider for Helen.  We made our selections and sat and listed to a string duo playing mix of classics and modern music, very soothing it was too.  The food is very good, I tried the Vietnamese Chicken Pho and it was excellent, a clear broth with poached chicken and flat noodles with chilli etc on the side.  Helen had the Chicken Satay skewers, a large serve of  chunky skewers with a very tasty house made satay sauce and gado gado salad.

If you’re in the area this is well worth a try, although as their website says I’d suggest booking if heading there on a weekend as it does get very busy.


Odds & Ends – a beer recipe!

So ignore the style on this one! this was more about using up some hops and grains, hence the name Odds & Ends! Have to say though it did smell quite good, remains to be seen now how the final brew winds up… Still have to say that brewing with the Braumeister is a great experience, no more remembering to switch pumps on or off or change valves, just set the PID controller and let it do its thing….

Ultimate beer making machine!
Ultimate beer making machine!

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The Cobbler

Watched The Cobbler last night.
Not a big fan of Adam Sandler’s comedies but like him in more serious roles.
This is a quirky film but worth a watch. A little slow to begin with but stick with it.
Imagine being able to walk in someone else’s shoes literally. The things you could do.

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