Odds & Ends – a beer recipe!

So ignore the style on this one! this was more about using up some hops and grains, hence the name Odds & Ends! Have to say though it did smell quite good, remains to be seen now how the final brew winds up… Still have to say that brewing with the Braumeister is a great experience, no more remembering to switch pumps on or off or change valves, just set the PID controller and let it do its thing….

Ultimate beer making machine!
Ultimate beer making machine!

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Thank you Cambodia

Thank you Cambodia for the most amazing time.  The people are so friendly and welcoming, the country side is amazing, the history is heart breaking.

Helen and I have had the most amazing time.  The streets of Phnom Penh showcase the disparity between the haves and the have nots as I’ve said before but everywhere the people smile.

Always smiling
Always smiling

We have tried to understand the brutality that existed here and to see the people make new beginnings is heartwarming.  If you get to visit this country hopefully you will also experience what we have.
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Phare, more than just a circus!

Helen and I have been to several circus shows over the years from the local old school shows at home to Cirque du Soleil but nothing compares to Phare, the Cambodian Circus.image
Phare is a multi-disciplinary performance featuring dance, acrobatics, music and circus skills performed by young Cambodian people who have been impacted by the civil war and the poverty it left behind. As you wait for the show to start a series of videos explain how 8 young Cambodians returned home with a desire to help others to find there dreams and to develop self esteem in young people who felt life had no direction. They now run a school that teaches not just basic educational skills but dance, theatre, acrobatics, visual and fine arts as well as animation. Young people come and are given a new beginning with which to go out and show the talents and skills.
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