Over all too soon..


Well our weekend on Townsville is almost done, time has just flown by. Bill and I have both commented on how easy it is up here to drift away from reality. The pace of life just seems more relaxed, but then again sitting on the deck at Clare and Dan’s the view is amazing and nothing seems to be urgent.IMG_0427.JPG

The v8 racing was again great to see up close, TV just doesn’t do the sounds justice. As they line up on the grid you don’t just hear the cars, you feel them as well.

Thanks to Neville’s charms with the Coopers girls we managed to score passes to the Coopers Bar balcony for the Sunday racing.DSC_8527.JPG
Great spot to be if it wasn’t for the rednecks who don’t play by the rules. You’re supposed to need a different coloured wrist band for each session and then only get access to one session, some though had a collection of bands and staked out the best spots for the whole day. Oh well we were up there and it wasn’t too bad, although Bill did get a little grumpy with them.DSC_8552.JPG

It’s been a bloody great weekend though and it just seems crazy that in July we can sit on the deck at night in shorts. 12C in the evening just doesn’t seem right when it’s probably 3C back in sunny Perth.

AAh Townsville!

Back in 2012 my friend Bill and I headed for sunny Townsville to take in some V8 action, well 3 years later we’re heading back!

While it’s likely to be wet and cold at home in Perth the weather in Townsville in July is great, average days of around 26C, balmy evenings and tropical breezes.  Just the thing the recharge the batteries after an 11 week school term.  The when you throw 3 days of trackside V8 action into the mix it just gets better.

Will keep you all in the loop as we watch the V8’s and associated race categories battle it out around Reid Park, a semi-street circuit on the edge of Townsville’s CBD.  Stay tuned for photo and updates….



Peru here we come!

Well our 2016 adventure looks like it is now locked in, Peru here we come!  After some searching and looking at flight schedules we’ve booked Peregrines Best of Peru tour for July 2016.  The plan is to fly into Lima a few days before the tour starts and explore the city ourselves while getting over any jet lag and adjusting to altitude.  Then we have 19 days of touring before we stop in Santiago, Chile for 3 days on way home to again do some solo exploring.

The easiest way to explain the trip is to borrow from Peregrine themselves: Peru’s history and geography read like myth and fable: earth’s most mysterious figures in the Nazca desert; the world’s deepest canyon; volcanoes guarding cities and a gigantic lake halfway to heaven. On top of all that is the incomparable Sacred Valley, the heartland of Incan culture and home to Peru’s finest monuments and relics from the ancient world. Exploring Cusco then setting off along Incan pathways is a must for all who want to experience the full magic of the region, both to appreciate the quiet splendour of the mountains, and the full power of Machu Picchu, rearing up suddenly on a hidden peak deep in the countless folds of the Andes. Lake Titicaca’s combination of stunning scenery, intense colours and intriguing customs makes it a favourite of many who travel in the region, while La Paz’s striking streets and vivacious culture is a vibrant finale to our adventure. 
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