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Getting stuffed….

Today we had our first go at sausage making, actually went fairly well. Our Kenwood has a great range of aattachments, one of  them being a mincer/sausage maker.  With the help of our butcher, Grant, who gave us a basic sausage recipe we set to work.
For our sausages we went with;
  • 1kg pork
  • 100gms pork fat
  • 16gms salt
  • 2gms white pepper
  • 4gms black pepper
  • 1gm nutmeg 
  • 5gms chilli powder
Then you dice the meat to fit your mincer and hand combine with the pork fat.  Place all the spices in a grinder and process to a powder, then mix through the meat.  We let this sit overnight for flavours to seep into the meat.
Using a coarse plate for your mincer, about 8-10 mm, feed the meat mix through.  Don’t force it too much, you don’t want to damage you mincer.  While doing this soak your sausage skins in water, then while running water through them feed the skins onto your sausage stuffer nozzle. Remember to knot the end or your mix will just flow straight through.  
When stuffing the sausages again don’t force the mix or you may tear the skins, wet hands help to keep the skins pliable.  
After you’ve filled the skins you then need to twist the sausages to the size you want.  A tip here as well is to let them sit in the fridge for 24 hours, this will help them to firm up as well as letting the skin seal where you twisted them.  Then you can freeze them until ready to enjoy.

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