The Epicurious Wanderers!

Time for home…

Well after an amazing time away it’s time to think about heading home. We’ve completed checkout from our room and are sitting in bar area just relaxing before our transfer, which unfortunately is 4 1/2 hours away still. Such a shame when check out is 12 noon regardless of transfer time. We do have a courtesy room though to shower and change before we leave.

Yesterday we took a day trip of some of the sights of the island. We started at a volcano crater, not quite what I was expecting. The crater was full of trees and dense scrub, even the rim was tree lined so it was hard to get a good view if anything. Apart that is from the ever present street hawkers. After this we found the thing that is common to very tour in any part not the world, the retail experience. Normally we look and don’t buy at these places but the first one we stopped at had some beautiful hand knotted carpets, something we have been looking for. Needless to say ours is now waiting for us at at the airport to come home as hand luggage, look for it next time you at our place, tell us what you think..

Yet more retail followed with visits to a local craft market and and fruit and veg market. The colours of the fruit and veg were amazing. Following this we headed to the Holy Basin, a very spiritual place, one that locals take pilgrimage to once a year. Luckily for us we weren’t there at this time an could take in the place in relative quiet. We were blessed by one of the monks and spent a few minutes reflecting in our travels.

Next stop was lunch at the Rhumerie La Chamarel, this is a great place to visit. Lunch was great, simple and refreshing, just what is needed in the humid weather. After lunch Vanessa took us on an tour of the place and explained the rum making process, very interesting to see how it all operates. Next was the tastings of the various rums they produce, this was very good. They are generous with the measures and at the end ask if you have one you wish to taste again. Even once we explained we went buying today due to already having alcohol duty free Vanessa was happy to keep pouring and chatting. A great experience.

From here we head Chameral waterfall and the Seven Coloured Earth. The waterfall is good to see, no Niagra Falls, but still worth a look. After the waterfall you carry on to the Seven Coloured Earth, this was a little disappointing. From pictures we had seen we expected something much bigger and with more colour definition. This is not to say it is not worth a look, just that it may not be all you had hoped it would be.

Then came the drive back down to Paradis, the roads are narrow and at this point you are fairly high up in the mountains. This lead to a series of hairpin bends that would have had the boys on Top Gear salivating. Our driver then dropped us off for a well needed drink back at our resort.