The Epicurious Wanderers!

Time for the next trip I suppose….

Well Africa is now a fading memory, albeit a great memory that is well supported by 1800+ photos.

Our thoughts are now turning to our next trip, Christmas in Christchurch here we come. Time to go ‘home’ and spend a family Christmas with Helen’s mum and the rest of the family. Always a nice relaxing time. Just looking at airfares at the moment, gee there are some stupid flights options out there. Perth-Melbourne-Brisbane-Christchurch, good grief, a 24 1/2 hour trip, no thanks… Why can’t we get a direct flight to Christchurch, come on it can’t be that hard….

After that is sorted I’ll start looking at another African adventure, maybe Serengeti this time as well as Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls before a chill out in Mozambique on the way home. Just some thoughts, this will be a 4 week trip hopefully in 2016, good use of long service leave…

Oh well back to looking at flights to NZ…

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