The Epicurious Wanderers!

Meet the Epicurious Wanderers

Thanks to Jan and Maryanne for your suggestions on a new name.  We’ve taken parts of both your suggestions and come up with The Epicurious Wanderers; A couple who live life in the constant pursuit of great food, drink, debauchery and adventure.  Helen is a bit curious though about the debauchery part…..

So now sit back, stay tuned and follow our trails to the new and maybe strange things that we discover.  The first stop on our newly named tour is Cambodia, only 2 sleeps away…

Thanks to all who offered suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Epicurious Wanderers

  1. Mary-Anne Ward

    LOL I just looked up “debauchery” not exactly what I was expecting but to the point! makes interesting conversation.
    Maybe your name should be “Globe-trotting Debaucherians”