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The Departure Lounge

imageThose that know me well know I don’t like waiting, I’m the type that will head home rather than drive around the car park to get a spot.  So if comes as no surprise then that the departure lounge is my least favourite part of any trip.  There are so many things that can annoy you while you wait…

The delayed flight is one that is out of your control but can be annoying especially if you are tight for your connecting flight.  There are the loud travellers who believe that everyone needs to hear the conversation they are having on the phone or with their fellow traveller.  But by far one that annoys me more  are travellers who feel that in a crowded lounge such as we have at Perth Airport that it’s ok to take up 4 or 5 seats.  One for the bag and then a couple to lie out on while others have to stand.  If you’re in a huge lounge or its relatively empty this may not be a problem but in Perth it’s just rude.

When we came through customs tonight and headed for our gate to wait for our flight there were several groups with children taking up way more room than is polite.  If the kids are tired sit them on your lap or just one seat, not four.

A little courtesy goes a long way folks.

One thought on “The Departure Lounge

  1. Maryanne Ward

    Unfortunately I think courtesy, is a lost form of etiquette. More and more people are turning to self absorbed “all about me ” syndrome. It makes me sad to see it wherever I go, but whats worse is my kids see this behavior and think its ok to do the same.