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Darwin Time

Okay, so not content with South America in July ’16 we’ve decided to head to the Top End and visit Darwin.  I don’t mind a beer so maybe  a few stubbies will be had on this trip, not sure if there’s a matching cider for Helen…
The Top End has long been a place  we’ve wanted to checkout.  It has a rich and varied history and has seen more than its fair share of trouble.  If being bombed by the Japanese during WW2 wasn’t enough in ’74 Cyclone Tracy tried to blow it off the map.  The bombing during WW2 intrigues me, there were bombs dropped on darwin than on Pearl Harbour but most people wouldn’t have a clue how bad it was.  Typical laid back Aussie way to just take it and get on with things.  There is still an air of the wild west to Darwin or so we’re told, hoping to find some of it while we’re there.

Hoping to also check out the Mindil Beach markets, have a wander around town, checkout the history form WW2 perspective and if we can swing it maybe a little barra fishing.  All up should be a busy but enjoyable few days in in the Top End.



One thought on “Darwin Time

  1. Paul

    Shite….judging by the bottle cap that’s one beeeeg bugger of a beer bottle, nice idea.. keep it on ice we’ll be there in a jiffy.

    Just had a doozy lightning storm go over us this arvo on the Sunshine Coast.