The Epicurious Wanderers!

Photo Backups on the Road!

So with our trip to South America looming closer I’ve been thinking about ways to backup our photos while we travel.  So far we’ve been lucky in our travels in not having a memory card fail, not losing a card or camera etc but can that luck go on for ever?  Just today I managed to kill this blog whilst installing a new plugin that turns out to have been incompatible, so lets not take any chances..  Thanks goodness for backups in this case!

I’ve been looking online at ways to back photo’s up, these are many and varied in terms of equipment and the processes involved.  During my search I came across Have camera, Will Travel a blog that details much of what I had been looking for as well as loads more.  The suggestion from here that I’ve gone with involves the use of a Nexto ND2901 backup device.  This little beauty is a battery powered hard drive unit with built in card reader, so there is no need for a laptop as part of the back up process.  Add to this that it will connect to a USB Hard Drive and backup to that then gives multiple copies of your images in a fairly simple manner.


Thanks to Melbourne based outfit the Video Guys I have one one on the way to setup before we go.  I’ve also grabbed the external battery that goes with it so that if along the way I want to back up while flying or travelling on a bus that can be accomplished.

Well 137 sleeps to go until we hit the trails and I suspect a few more toys will find their way into my gadget bag.