The Epicurious Wanderers!


After our magical time on Suasi Island we were thinking that Peru had given us a brilliant going away present. That was until we got to Sillustani…. wow were we wrong.DSC_1600-600x906

Sillistani shows ancient burial towers,  much like family’s today that have a mausoleum. Our guide, Aldo, who is the local guide’s union leader, had a few surprises for us.DSC_1605-600x906

He showed us the towers and the fact that there are still skeletons in them, very creepy.

But he wasn’t done there, as we walked and he explained things he suddenly stopped. He told Helen to close her eyes, then told me to place a hand on her shoulder and close my eyes. Then leading Helen by the hand he lead us along a rocky pathway, always telling us to keep our eyes closed. After what seemed ages, the cold wind was now chilling us to the bone, he told us to open our eyes. The sight that greeted us was just amazing, an island in the middle of a lake with the sun beginning to set. Simply magic… from here the pictures do the talking…DSC_1613-906x600DSC_1617-906x600DSC_1618-906x600DSC_1631-906x600