The Epicurious Wanderers!

Thank you Singapore

Thank you Singapore for a great getaway, was short but sweet.

The MRT system is still so easy to use to get around, it’s cheap and well laid out. We bought the 3 day Singapore Tourist Pass, gives unlimited travel for 3 days. Only problem is you can’t get them everywhere and the outlets that do sell them don’t open until 10am, so you can ‘waste’ the first part of the day. But hey, there are so many other things to do and so much food to eat it’s not really an issue.

The Ibis was again a great place to stay, well located and with all you need for a short stay. Rooms are small but have all you need, prices are good and staff are friendly.

We walked all over just basking in the sights and smells that make this such a vibrant city and great place to visit. Tekka Centre was again a good place to get great cheap food, you just need to be adventurous. Orchard Road was a little disappointing, lots of good shops but not as glitzy as we’d expected.

We did so much but still have so many things to do, almost need to book to go back now……. Well, maybe not straight away, so many other places to see, so many things to do.

Well our thoughts now turn to Christmas and our trip to Christchurch to see family..

Bit after that we need to plan out next trip, we’ll maybe start planning before then….. So where is a great place to visit in July? Anyone got any thoughts? Somewhere warm…