The Epicurious Wanderers!

Our Peruvian top 5

Well we’ve been home for a few weeks now, long enough for me to have surgery to remove a growth from my left hand.  Also long enough for us to reflect on our time away and select a few standout moments from our travels. Peru is an amazing country, so much to see and do that even in our 18 days there we didn’t really scratched the surface.

If we had to pick a top 5 what would it be? Here are a few ideas that came to us. They are in no particular order.

1. Suasi Island
A paradise on earth, remote and isolated and designed purely to help you relax.DSC_1534 DSC_1560

2. Colca Canyon
Home of the condors, the day we were there was apparently one of the best days in terms of condor spotting they’ve had for a while.Image (41)-800x530 DSC_0912

3. Machu Picchu
Breath taking and simply amazing. How they managed to construct such a place is just beyond words.DSC_1236-800x530 DSC_1349-530x800

4. Cusco
A beautiful city with a rich and colourful history and a sense of vibrancy we didn’t see elsewhere.DSC_0986-530x800 DSC_0961-800x530

5. Arequipa
Yet another city with real spirit, the people were so friendly.DSC_0676 DSC_1006

Of course none of this would have been possible without Natalie at Peregrine in Melbourne, who put up with all our emails to get this sorted.

Then there is Raul, our personal guide through our travels, he has gone above and beyond in the way he has helped us. He knows just when to offer advice and in his words ‘when to abandon us’ to our own devices. Over our time together he has not only helped us explore Peru but let us into his world as well.  Thank you Raul for making this a truly memorable experience for us.

So for now that was our South American travels, now to begin work on our next trip.  New Zealand in April 2017.