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Slinging it around

I’m looking at changing camera straps, the current one while good is a normal fixed position strap. This means if yo wear camera over shoulder to hang near hip the padded section moves each time you lift camera, not major I know but it can get annoying.

While in tour in Cambodia our guide, Adam, had a sliding sling type strap that caught my eye. So being the shopper I am,not, I’ve been looking online for a similar thing.

Have come up with two options so far, one by Matin who made my current strap and the other by Black Rapid. Both are shoulder style slings with padded shoulder strap made from ballistic nylon.

So the slings in questions are the RS-5 from BlackRapid and the Fast Access from Matin.  Both seem though to be a little hard to track.  eBay seemed to be good but many of the BlackRapid straps are seen to be fake when you look closely at the images.  Will let you know what I decide when I track originals down locally or at good price overseas.


2 thoughts on “Slinging it around

  1. Simon Post author

    Aah Just what I was after Adam, cheers mate. My brother in law is in HK at moment so will set him a mission. If not I can grab one from US myself.