The Epicurious Wanderers!

Flight time

Our trip to New Zealand is about to take off. We’re sitting in the Qantas Business Lounge partaking of the drinks and food on offer, well why wouldn’t you..

When we booked the trip we had the points to bag a Business Class upgrade on way back from Sydney to Perth but not enough for the outbound trip to Auckland.   When these points became available we tried for upgrade on the international flight, didn’t think it would work. Well yesterday we had a message from Mr Qantas saying our upgrade had been granted. Oh happy days… so now as we wait to board the flight we’re sipping gin and tonics and just chilling out. 

The flight is not far away from heading off, wouldnt mind a delay actually.. for first time this season Freo look competitive.  Hope i haven’t jinxed them, but they are showing some fight..

Will add to this on the flight and see what happens..

Well flight was brilliant, great service and 5 star dining.  The lay flat bed was great, just a shame i still couldn’t sleep on a plane,  the red kept flowing though so not all bad. Helen had her bed made up and slept like a baby..

Now waiting in Auckland for flight to Queenstown,  then sleep maybe..