The Epicurious Wanderers!

Not quite a Waldorf Salad

Breakfast this morning was slightly entertaining,  especially if your a Fawlty Towers fan.

There’s an episode where an American guest tries to get a Waldorf Salad for dinner and poor Basil has no idea what that entails.
[Showing Basil’s ignorance of Waldorf salads]:
Mr Hamilton: Would you make me a Waldorf salad?
Basil: [Not having heard of it]I beg your pardon!
Mr Hamilton: Get me a Waldorf salad.
Basil: Well, I think we just ran out of Waldorfs!

This morning i watched an American guest at our hotel try to order an American omelette.  Now the menu has omelettes on it but not listed as American omelettes. The waitress showed him the menu and asked what he wanted in his omelette. He started listing the basic ingredients,  all this poor girl wanted to know was what extras he required. I should add his accent was quite strong and the waitress is possibly not a native Kiwi…  He then wanted to know how long it would take as he was running late.  She replied 3 minutes and that solved that until he then needed to know what type of  cheese it was.  She had to check,  this used up some of his time.

Eventually all was sorted and he ordered his omelette,  but if he’d just been on time there would have been no rush.  Also he that habit of people world wide, in that when someone doesn’t understand you then obviously you must raise your voice.

Our breakfast though was great.