The Epicurious Wanderers!

On the road to Puno.

The trip to Puno was a 10 hour bus ride, not solid travel though. We stopped at several sites along the way. The first was a sensational colonial church, they call it Peru’s Sistine Chapel. We couldn’t take photos inside which is a shame as the ceiling is absolutely unbelievable.  It covered in the most amazing frescos. The sanctuary and altar then feature some of the most detailed carvings that we’ve seen.  We did receive a DVD,  so hopefully there will be some still images on it I can add later.DSC_1351-800x530DSC_1354-800x530

Out next stop was a pre-Incan site with some great stonework blended with adobe brick work. There was also a market, as there is at every stop, selling crafts by the local community. The feature of this one was their pottery and ceramic work. The shame is most of it would have been to delicate for us to bring home.DSC_1366-800x530DSC_1378-800x530

After this followed stops for lunch, a photo break at the highest point on the journey and a visit to a pre-Inca museum. DSC_1389-800x530DSC_1396-800x530The breaks helped to space out the journey otherwise it would have been a long time on a bus. We arrived in Puno at around 5.30pm and checked into our hotel. We met Raul downstairs shortly after for a wander around Puno. Like most towns it’s laid out in a grid design centred on the town square. Tomorrow is Peru’s National Day, June 28, so tonight is party night. The square has a band playing and all around people can be seen enjoying the night.

Tomorrow we are heading out on Lake Titicaca for an overnight stay on Suasi Island.  At Raul’s suggestion part of our preparation is to buy some wine and a few snacks for the afternoon.  The wines here are brilliant and so cheap! We bought an Argentinian Malbec for 35 Soles,  that’s around  $14AUD, it would be about $40 at home. We then strolled back to the hotel, tomorrow is another early start.